I was born and raised in Cardiff. The first 28 years of my life I was known as Carol McCabe. I live in Birchgrove Cardiff , I am Married to Ian and work part-time for the NHS as a co-ordinator for EPP Cymru www.eppwales.org. As a yoga teacher I teach Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management, Relaxation and several times a year I run a weekend retreat.

Yoga in my life

When I was 18 (1977) I met a couple who followed a Buddhist philosophy ( Len and Vanessa Sinclair). Vanessa introduced me to Yoga classes in Gladstone Primary School with Pat Blunt and I attended Buddhist meditation sessions. I was aware at this stage that I wasn't on the same wave length as the Buddhists. I could not accept that life was suffering (personally) or that there was anything after death, I decided that I was a humanist who enjoyed the physical benefits of Yoga. These beliefs were partly brought on by my commencing nurse training at the age of 19.

During my 20's I had long gaps with no practice between finding teachers periodically. However the techniques of breathing, relaxing and meditation stayed with me and helped me to never, or very rarely lose a night's sleep. I would also find myself in the plough position after sitting on the floor for some time, as if my body was telling me what I needed.

My thirties brought more responsibility in work and I felt that my usual coping strategies were not as effective. I again joined yoga groups ( Pam Trounce and Phillip Jones) but felt far more benefit as I had a greater need. I felt like a "Yoga junkie" attending two classes a week and practising at home. Whenever there were Saturday classes I went.

Then my father died suddenly at 79. Considering my nursing career and my involvement with death at close quarters, it had a huge impact on my philosophy and view of life and the reason we are all here. I started reading books about death and religion, spiritual beliefs.

I took off my blinkers and looked into the light.

My Yoga practice became more spiritual, I found, and listened to my inner voice, I became more aware of the universe and my connection to it. I found the calm place where joy lives and became aware of the impermanence and futility of the material world. I began to have small glimpses of wonderful things and my faith deepened. I am a human being with human failings, I often forget that my ego has a warped view of the world and that my attention would be better off elsewhere.

Now I cannot imagine my life without Yoga. And looking around I now know that life is suffering for the majority of people today. I feel drawn towards preparing myself for the role of enabler to help people to find their own path in life.

My work has always involved helping people physically, but I feel my future lies in helping people holistically. Stress management and relaxation are areas I teach for people who are not interested in Yoga. I also have an interest in the healing energies. I completed Reiki one atunement in July 2000 and Reiki Two August 2003 both with Judith Browne. I am amazed at how the healing links in with Yoga e.g. the Chakras and use of universal energy.( Prana ). I commenced The British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma in Sept 1998 (with Derek Thorne) and qualified in November 2001. I have successfully gained a diploma in Stress Management Teaching 2003. I completed The Pranayama Foundation and Teachers Training Course with Philip Xerri in 2003/4 and now incorporate these teachings into my own practice and classes.

I was taught, through Yoga, to find space in my mind, body and spirit; this is the gift I've been given and wish to share with others.

I honour all the many, many teachers I have had to date especially; Pam Trounce Philip Jones Derek Thorne and my parents


"Oh no! Oh no!" Cried the novice monk who had just cracked the master's favourite and valuable cup. The frightened youngster went to the Zen Master and asked, "Why must there be death?" The Master answered, "Death is natural. It comes to all persons and all things. we should not greet it with fear or meet death with anger. Why do you ask?" "Because, Master, death has come upon your cup." (top)