An introduction to the Chakras

An online 8 week course of one hour per week

Starting January 2021

Saturday mornings 9.30 to 10.30 via Zoom

8 weekly sessions starting Saturday 9 January to 17 February.

Price £80 concession £40 you decide what you can afford

there are 4 free places  

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This is an opportunity for you to work with your chakras. Each week we will look at a different chakra. Investigating how  asanas, Pranayama, meditations and other practices  influence your energy body, pranamaya kosha.


The first week will be an overview of the chakra system and chakra one, Mulhadara. There will be homework to allow you to explore one chakra per week, if you have the time. Each session will be recorded so you can watch again or catch up if you miss a week.


The chakra system is ideal for looking at how we move through our lives, like a map, it can encouage us to find our own unique individual way, discovering new or rediscovering old practices to move us forward and help us to grow.