I am writing this on the first day of May 2020. We have been in lock-down for 6 weeks. I am full of gratitude. Grateful that there are people working to give us the necessities of life, and in some cases, life itself. I am grateful that I have Yoga in my life. This enables me to keep physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.


I am slowly creating this new website and will add pages as they are ready. 

For me, yoga is all about energy. In fact life is all about energy. Or more precisely, the exchange, manipulation, vibration, quality and direction of energy.


Some activities and practices make us light and expansive ..... enlightened?  some activities and practices make us heavy and compressed ....... depressed?


Everything comes from a place of love or fear. Thoughts, emotions, words, actions. Fear consumes energy, love conserves energy. 


I love the energy of trees, in fact all of Nature. Yoga moves energy in, through and around the body. That's why we all practice yoga in our own way. Deciding what we need and when we need it. So tuning into our energy and body is so important. At these times of uncertainty and change we may find that yoga helps us in different ways.


I have been running yoga classes on-line via zoom and taking classes as a participant. I'm surprised how well it works. 


Practicing yoga helps to bring us into balance, to find the energy we need. Practicing in a loving kind way, to keep us well mentally and physically. 

If you want to try an on-line class have a look at the link at the top of the page to the times and days of classes



With love

Carol x

email: Carol@stressfreeyoga.co.uk