Welcome to my website. 


People ask me what type of yoga I teach. If I had to give it a lable, I would say functional yoga. Yoga that keeps the body mind and breath working as best they can for optimal health and welbeing.


I teach general classes for the experienced fit yogi. Gentle classes for the less experienced, less fit. Chair Yoga for those that dont want to get on the floor.


In my experience yoga is all about energy. Or more precisely, managing the use, exchange, transformation, manipulation, vibration, quality and direction of energy every day.

Some activities and practices make us energised, joyful, light and expansive ..... enlightened?  some activities and practices make us tired, down, heavy and compressed ....... depressed?


Everything comes from a place of love or fear. Thoughts, emotions, words, actions. Fear consumes energy, love conserves energy. 


I love the energy of trees, in fact all of Nature. Yoga moves energy in, through and around the body. That's why we all practice yoga in our own way. Deciding what we need and when we need it. So tuning into our energy and body is so important. At these times of uncertainty and change we may find that yoga helps us in different ways.


Practicing yoga helps to bring us into balance. Keeping joints, muscles and organs strong and working well, allowing us to live in a comfortable body. Breathing, relaxation and meditation brings focus on the present moment. That place of calm stillness that allows us to see what is really important and put things into perpective. Practicing in a loving kind way, to keep us well mentally and physically. 



As we are all individuals on our own individual path, it is important to find a yoga practice that feels right for you. I believe yoga can enhance life in everyway. It's a journey into your true Self, the most important journey we can take.


With love

Carol x

email: Carol@stressfreeyoga.co.uk