Physical classes starting in September at Heath Park Community halls

Tuesdays 6 to 7 Gentle yoga

                 7.15 to 8.30 intermediate / general yoga


These classes need to be booked and are currently full 


Classes  run via Zoom

if you would like to join please email  Me :
and I will send you a link for a class


Some information about Zoom classes

It is often smoother if you can down load the zoom app, but this is not essential.

I will send a link via email.

When you click on the link provided you will arrive in a virtual waiting room.

Please wait and I will admit you into the class. Ensure you have given permission for your video (camera) and microphone to be used.

I will start the class on time and mute everyone so you just hear me.

This is when you can put your music on if you choose. If you are late and I notice you are in the waiting room I will let you in. If you can have a tie handy or a dressing gown belt or scarf, a block or / and cushion and a blanket if you need one—handy for padding the knees if you need to.


Mixed ability Yoga Class

Sunday morning 11 to 12 pm

It is important to know your limitations and take responsibility for your practice. This class is followed by a short meditation if you want to join in you are welcome.


Gentle Yoga Classes

Wednesday Morning 9.30 to 10.30 

Gentle classes are for those who have come recently to yoga, students wanting a less strenuous class or students who may have injuries or a health condition.

A gentle stretch and relax. Again it is important that you take responsibility and take care of yourself. Knowing your limitations and listening to your body.


Chair Yoga Classes

Wednesday morning 11 to 12pm 

Classes include seated exercises, standing holding the chair and using a wall, connecting with the breath and a relaxation. Suitable for anyone who doesn't want or can't get onto the floor.